Rothfuss, Patrick: The Wise Man’s Fear (The Kingkiller Chronicle II) (2011)

French cover by Mark Simonetti

The Wise Man's Fear

This novel is a brick of a book – 994 pages short. It is also book no. 2 in The Kingkiller’s Chronicle. You must read no. 1 – The Name of the Wind – first. Otherwise The Wise Man’s Fear will make little sense.

These are the only possible negative things that I have to say about this series. Patrick Rothfuss certainly knows how to write a tale of magic and suspense. I struggled to put the novel down at night and would read for far too long before going to bed. It has been well worth the wait.

As in The Name of the Wind, we have our innkeeper, Kote,  telling the story of his younger days as Kvothe. Kvothe is known as “The Kingkiller” and The Kingkiller’s Chronicle is his attempt at explaining the circumstances that led up to the assassination.

Kvothe is an interesting character. He’s a wonderful mix of dark and light, death and life. There is an innocence about him in spite of his earlier experiences and his willingness to get dark and dirty.

He continues at University in this sequel. Like in the previous novel, Kvothe struggles to make his tuition and still has to support himself by working beside his studies. Kind of sounds like modern-day students, huh.

Kvothe’s ambitions are high and he pays a price for them. Perhaps too high a price in the end. His ongoing battle with Ambrose is costing him. Finally, he is advised to take position somewhere so he can both learn what being a magician is all about and also to get out of Ambrose’s way.

Kvothe goes. He’ll have lots of experiences on the road, some for good and some as plain learning experiences.

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2012: David Gemmell award: LEGEND AWARD (BEST BOOK): The Wise Man’s Fear – Patrick Rothfuss

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