Alexander, Cassie: Shapeshifted (Edie Spence III) (2013)

The Catholic church is a fascinating church. Within its realm we find people praying to both official and not quite so official saints to get these saints to function as mediators between themselves and God. Santa Muerte (the Skeleton Saint) is one such unofficial saint (a folk saint) – one that people pray to in … Continue reading Alexander, Cassie: Shapeshifted (Edie Spence III) (2013)

Alexander, Cassie: Moonshifted (Edie Spence) (2012)

Moonshifted is as delightful as Nightshifted. Moonshifted remains as dark and gory as Nightshifted and keeps on being just as fun to read. Edie’s life has changed after all of the happenings in Nightshifted. Her perspective has widened and her prejudices have been challenged. Due to an accident Edie witnessed during her lunch-break, she becomes … Continue reading Alexander, Cassie: Moonshifted (Edie Spence) (2012)

Alexander, Cassie: Nightshifted (Edie Spence) (2012)

Cassie Alexander’s debut into the world of urban fantasy comes in the form of her Edie Spence trilogy. Her real-life job as a registered nurse serves as inspiration for her novels about registered nurse Edie Spence. I am pretty certain these books are targeted at an adult readership Choosing Edie Spence as her protagonist is probably the … Continue reading Alexander, Cassie: Nightshifted (Edie Spence) (2012)


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