Andersen, H.C.; Collected stories (1822-1870)

Once upon a time there lived a man in Denmark called Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875). He was born into poverty and its overwhelming harshness. Yet talent and luck brought him out of it. Many have heard a version of “The little mermaid”. Andersen’s version is one that brought me to tears when I was young. … Continue reading Andersen, H.C.; Collected stories (1822-1870)

Anderson, Tim: The Flowery War (2012)

Cover art Luca Oleastri The Flowery War by Tim Andersen is an odd novel. Not weird just odd. Yes! I know I am talking about science fiction. Putting my finger on its oddness is a difficult task. Part of it could be that I get this “old” feeling from it. It is as if it … Continue reading Anderson, Tim: The Flowery War (2012)

Nexø, Martin Andersen: Pelle, the Conqueror (1906-10)

“Pelle, the Conqueror” begins on the first of May 1877. Lasse Karlsson from Tommelia in Sweden arrives with his son Pelle at Bornholm in Denmark. They are fleeing poverty and starvation and try to find a decent living. Instead they are treated as indentured servants. As Pelle learns Danish, life becomes easier, but he and his father continue to … Continue reading Nexø, Martin Andersen: Pelle, the Conqueror (1906-10)


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Tarwater, Tristan J.: Little Girl Lost (Valley of Ten Crescents) (2012)

The cover of Little Girl Lost reminds me of the story of The Little Match Girl by HC Andersen (a story that made me bawl when I read it the first time). That look fits the story well as this is a story of orphans and poverty. A very short story. Only 15 pages long. … Continue reading Tarwater, Tristan J.: Little Girl Lost (Valley of Ten Crescents) (2012)

Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan: Sherlock Holmes (1887-1926)

“The Game’s Afoot!” (Sherlock Holmes) When young Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle was born in Edinburgh in 1859, I doubt anyone could foresee that he would become famous with time. Even less foreseeable, would be the fact that his fame came from something as silly as detective stories. He was still in medical school when he … Continue reading Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan: Sherlock Holmes (1887-1926)

Pratchett, Terry: Witches of Discworld

Witches (usually women) are a force to be reckoned with on the Discworld. Nowhere near as flashy as the wizards (usually men), these women often rule their villages with an iron fist and a whole lot of headology. Pratchett describes headology as: a witch’s way of magically setting fire to a log of wood consists … Continue reading Pratchett, Terry: Witches of Discworld

My childhood literature

After writing about what got my two sons reading, I started thinking about the books that I read as a child. I have no idea what my parents read to me. But I do remember some of what I read myself. Getting a book for x-mas or b-days was a gift highlight. Usually we got … Continue reading My childhood literature