Briggs, Patricia: Sianim series

Map of Sianim by Michael Enzweiller Patricia Briggs was born in 1965. Her joy in storytelling manifested itself early, and scaring her friends (including her husband Mike) was one of her funner hobbies. Patricia kept her story-telling abilities alive through college and her life in Chicago. When she and Mike moved to Montana she got the peace and quiet … Continue reading Briggs, Patricia: Sianim series

Briggs, Patricia: The Hurog duology

“The Five Kingdoms” by Michael Enzweiler Patricia Briggs has written the Hurog duology. As you might have surmised from this blog she is quite a prolific writer. Her books fall into the light entertainment category. The Hurog duology’s version of the Briggsian world-creation is placed in a world reeking of the middle-ages with all of its dragons, shape-changers, magicians and various other … Continue reading Briggs, Patricia: The Hurog duology

Briggs, Patricia: Raven duology

“Traveller’s Orders” by Robin Walker RAVEN’S SHADOW (2004) Prejudice and fear seem to be recurring themes in Patricia Brigg’s novels. Raven’s Shadow is no exception. In this instance, the Travellers are the persecuted people. We see instances of this today. In general there seems to be a lack of trust towards people who do not stay … Continue reading Briggs, Patricia: Raven duology

Briggs, Patricia: The Hob (2001)

We humans are a fearful lot. If anything or anyone differs from the accepted norm, most of us will find some way to avoid that thing or person. Sometimes we’ll use the opportunity to bully and taunt the person exhibiting “strangeness”. The Hob’s Bargain illustrates this ability to pretend that we know how the world should be, … Continue reading Briggs, Patricia: The Hob (2001)

Briggs, Patricia: Alpha and Omega series

Patricia Briggs books fall into the light-reading fantasy section. Her books are fun and easy to read. In the Alpha and Omega novels we meet werewolves and witches, vampires and fae, all capable of wickedness and heroic deeds. As usual in such tales the characters tend to survive the most amazing things. There is plenty of humor, some romance and lots … Continue reading Briggs, Patricia: Alpha and Omega series

Briggs, Patricia: Moon Called (Mercy Thompson I) (2006)

This is the image that I feels illustrates Moon Called best and it shows Mercy (Mercedes) as I had imagined her from the words Patricia Briggs has written about her in Moon Called. I am a fan of Ms. Briggs’ writing. My adventure with her began with the Hurog saga. Then it sort of developed … Continue reading Briggs, Patricia: Moon Called (Mercy Thompson I) (2006)


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Pratchett, Terry: The Watch/Vimes

Streets of Ankh-Morpork (wow) Samuel Vimes is a beautiful character. He grew up in Cockbill Street, the poorest area of Ankh-Morpork. They were so poor that while they had practically nothing to eat, at least their floors were clean enough to eat off. Getting into the Night Watch was quite a change for Sam. Now he had money for food. Being … Continue reading Pratchett, Terry: The Watch/Vimes

Andrews, Ilona: Kate Daniels

Kate Daniels by Ilona Andrews “Magic Bites” starts off the series about Kate Daniels, yet another urban fantasy series. As an urban fantasy this series is above average. It follows Kate Daniels, a mercenary with interesting and mysterious abilities, who is exposed to the shapeshifting and vampire societies through various mysteries that she and they have … Continue reading Andrews, Ilona: Kate Daniels