Grant, Mira: Newsflesh trilogy

Writing under the pseudonym Mira Grant, Seanan McGuire published the political thriller/zombie trilogy Newsflesh including the books “Feed”, “Deadline” and “Blackout”. I am anything but a zombie fan, but Grant has written a thriller that goes far beyond zombies. We become embroiled in politics and corruption, discussions on freedom of the press and get a look … Continue reading Grant, Mira: Newsflesh trilogy

McGuire, Seanan: Chimes at Midnight (October Daye VII) (2013)

I first discovered Seanan McGuire through her pseudonym Mira Grant. I enjoyed her Newsflesh characters so much that I wanted to give October (Toby) Daye a chance. Here I am seven novels later still reading about the adventures of changeling / knight / hero / granddaughter of Oberon: Toby Daye. Why is it I like … Continue reading McGuire, Seanan: Chimes at Midnight (October Daye VII) (2013)


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McGuire, Seanan: The Winter Long (October Daye VIII) (2014)

Cover artist: Christian McGrath A geis can be compared with a curse or, paradoxically, a gift. If someone under a geis violates the associated taboo, the infractor will suffer dishonor or even death. On the other hand, the observing of one’s geasa is believed to bring power. (Wikipedia) Imagine a person strong enough to place … Continue reading McGuire, Seanan: The Winter Long (October Daye VIII) (2014)

Bell, Odette C: A Plain Jane 2 (A Plain Jane) (2012)

Odette C. Bell used to publish her work under the pseudonyms “Muscularkevin” and “Scrabblecat” on Fiction Press. There aren’t really any updated blogs or websites that belong to this author. Fiction Press is the closest I can get. A Plain Jane continues to be a delightfully light read about the search for identity. Jane has … Continue reading Bell, Odette C: A Plain Jane 2 (A Plain Jane) (2012)

Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan: Sherlock Holmes (1887-1926)

“The Game’s Afoot!” (Sherlock Holmes) When young Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle was born in Edinburgh in 1859, I doubt anyone could foresee that he would become famous with time. Even less foreseeable, would be the fact that his fame came from something as silly as detective stories. He was still in medical school when he … Continue reading Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan: Sherlock Holmes (1887-1926)

McGuire, Seanan: October Daye

Seanan McGuire (that has to be an Irish/Scottish name) is the author of the October Daye series. She has a great website with all sorts of fun “facts” about fantastical things. “Acacia” by Tara O’Shea October Daye is part fairy part human. It seems the fairies like to mingle with humans, leaving their off-spring to make it in … Continue reading McGuire, Seanan: October Daye