Harrison, Kim: The Witch with No Name (Hollows XIII) (2014)

For the insider, The Witch With No Name brings Hollows to an end with loads of action, death, betrayal, idiocy and heroism. Master vampires have no sense of other people’s boundaries. They take psychopathy to its extreme. Seriously scary people. Anyone in their right mind would be afraid of them. Perhaps even seasoned demons. Young ones, … Continue reading Harrison, Kim: The Witch with No Name (Hollows XIII) (2014)

Harrison, Kim: The Undead Pool (The Hollows XII) (2014)

  “That’s because pixies think with their hearts,” Quen said, ignoring Trent’s peeved expression. “This decision is already causing problems.” “Most warriors think with their hearts,” I said, telling the mystics to back off and that I wasn’t angry with anything they could crush or explode. “It’s what keeps them alive through the crap they … Continue reading Harrison, Kim: The Undead Pool (The Hollows XII) (2014)

Harrison, Kim: Ever After (The Hollows XI) (2013)

Ever since I read the first novel in this now 11 book long series about Rachel Morgan I have been hooked. How Ms. Harrison manages to keep up the quality of her writing is beyond me. In Ever After the story is mainly about Rachel, quite a bit about Trent and Jenks with some Quen … Continue reading Harrison, Kim: Ever After (The Hollows XI) (2013)

Harris, Joanne: Coastliners (2003)

“Coastliners” is yet another book I’ve read in Norwegian. I prefer reading in English if the author writes in English, but when I receive books as gifts here in Norway, they’re going to be in Norwegian. “Coastliners” was fun. Harris’ characters are flawed and delightful with all of their imperfections. On the island of Le … Continue reading Harris, Joanne: Coastliners (2003)

Kellen, Christopher: The Corpse King (Elegy) (2011)

The Corpse King is our introduction to the trilogy Elegy. We are in a land of sorcery, swords and adventure with arbiters running around trying to keep some kind of order and clean manna (magic) whenever it sends out bad vibes. In The Corpse King we have a dark fantasy in the way of zombies, death-manna and … Continue reading Kellen, Christopher: The Corpse King (Elegy) (2011)


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  Alice Paul, seated at desk, in profile, speaking on telephone; Photograph published in The Suffragist, 3, no. 52 (Dec. 25, 1915): 6 / Harris & Ewing, Washington, D.C. – Library of Congress, Public Domain.