MacAlister, Katie: Queen of chick-lit

I think I’m finally getting a handle on what chick-lit is. The female protagonist is supposed to be ditsy but gung-ho. Studly, dudly, well-hung male is the job-description for the male protagonist. They fall passionately in love fighting it and each other all the way. Add to this cauldron of passion action and humor and you … Continue reading MacAlister, Katie: Queen of chick-lit


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Marsh, Kate: Ghost of a Chance (2008)

Kate Marsh is a pseudonym for Katie MacAlister. As far as I can tell, “Ghost of a Chance” is the only book that is written under this pseudonym. Ghost is a mystery, a regular who-dun-it. The characters in Ghost are fun and the plot clever. The world created by Marsh is interesting and quirky. Karma Marx … Continue reading Marsh, Kate: Ghost of a Chance (2008)