Norton, Andre: High Sorcery (1970)

Wizard’s World (1967) His decision had shaken the “hound”. Craike bared teeth in a death’s-head grin. Now the mob would speed up. But their quarry had already chosen a part of the canyon wall where he might pull his tired and aching body up from one hold to another. He moved deliberately now, knowing that, … Continue reading Norton, Andre: High Sorcery (1970)

Norton, Andre: Star Born (Astra series) (1957)

Star Born was written in 1957 and is the second novel of the Astra series. As such, you might expect it to be extremely dated. That’s the good thing about Andre Norton. Her focus is on the characters not on technology. Not that it would have mattered in the end, not really. I found Star … Continue reading Norton, Andre: Star Born (Astra series) (1957)

Norton, Andre: The Forerunner Factor (2012)

Andre Norton’s “style is clean and simple. She doesn’t digress into an examination of minutiae, of either exterior or interior worlds. With graceful economy she hands the reader the very hearts of her characters, and cleanly etches her settings – like an artist who can suggest the whole shape of an object by the thickness of the … Continue reading Norton, Andre: The Forerunner Factor (2012)

Bradley, M; May, J and Norton, A: Black Trillium (1996)

“Black Trillium” is a collaboration between Marion Zimmer Bradley, Julian May and Andre Norton. These three women are oldies but goodies within the science fiction and fantasy genre. As such one might be tempted to think that this three-in-one package would create a work of wonder. However, three strong personalities can make for problems as … Continue reading Bradley, M; May, J and Norton, A: Black Trillium (1996)


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Pratchett, Terry: Witches of Discworld

Witches (usually women) are a force to be reckoned with on the Discworld. Nowhere near as flashy as the wizards (usually men), these women often rule their villages with an iron fist and a whole lot of headology. Pratchett describes headology as: a witch’s way of magically setting fire to a log of wood consists … Continue reading Pratchett, Terry: Witches of Discworld