Pratchett, Terry: Raising Steam (Discworld 40) (2013)

Terry Pratchett is God. Or perhaps he is Moist von Lipwig. What a name. Seriously! Pratchett has a way with names that I have never seen outdone. I loved Raising Steam. Goblins are my new favorite race. These people keep on knocking over the expectations of other races time and again. Their freedom from being … Continue reading Pratchett, Terry: Raising Steam (Discworld 40) (2013)

Pratchett, Terry: Choosing to die (2009)

Terry Pratchett
Sir Terry Pratchett

For me Terry Pratchett is the man. Discworld was my first meeting with him. Since then I have gotten to know him better through his cooperative work with other authors. This way he has spread my knowledge of other authors and interest in other types of science fiction and fantasy.

On his website I eventually discovered that Pratchett has developed Alzheimer’s disease. My parents now have friends who have had Alzheimer for quite a while and I have gotten to see some of the effect of that disease. They have also shared with me how these individuals show the symptoms of Alzheimer and how the person they knew disappears slowly but surely.

As late as 2014 May 13 Terry Pratchett writes the article Those of us with dementia need a little help from our friends in The Guardian. He has been able to place a rather famous face in the Alzheimer camp supporting the cause with both words and money for research.

Due to the nature of the disease Terry Pratchett has quite naturally had many thoughts about how it is going to affect him. When will the moment come when his ability to make choices for himself disappear?

BBC’s documentary Choosing to Die with Terry Pratchett is bound to make an impression on the viewer. I was touched by it and remained thoughtful a long time after viewing it.

Alzheimer’s is very definitely not the only disease that has a terrible progression. In Choosing to Die we get to meet two people who are choosing to die before their body gives in on its own to MS and ALS. My own thoughts on the matter are that I would very much like to choose to die rather than have to endure an awful ending.

The film seems to have disappeared from the net.

  • 2011 winner for Best Single Documentary at the British Academy Scottish Awards
  • 2011 winner for Best Single Documentary at the Royal Television Society awards
  • 2011 winner for General Education Broadcast Award
  • 2014 July 2: The embuggerance is catching up with me

Pratchett, Terry: A Blink of the Screen (2012)

As all of you must know by now Terry Pratchett is one of my all time favorite authors. It turns out he started publishing his writing from the age of 13. What A Blink Of the Screen gives us is a look at the development Pratchett has had as an author through he varied and lengthy authorship. … Continue reading Pratchett, Terry: A Blink of the Screen (2012)

Pratchett, Terry: Dodger (2012)

YES! I’ve read Dodger. Genius once again. Way to go Terry! While reading Dodger, it is easy to see where Pratchett got his inspiration for the Discworld from. We get a behind-the-scenes look at the various fictional and real characters that have shown up in various forms in his novels. I am certain there is … Continue reading Pratchett, Terry: Dodger (2012)

Pratchett, Terry and Baxter, Stephen: The Long Earth (2012)

Do it yourself Stepper The cannonball bird – a predatory bird that shoots a ball out its mouth killing the victim. I guess it could be a quick death. With The Long Earth Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter have written a tale about mankind’s continued unwise choices given a seemingly unlimited choice in worlds to live … Continue reading Pratchett, Terry and Baxter, Stephen: The Long Earth (2012)

Pratchett, Terry and Gaiman, Neil: Good Omens (1990)

First off, I have to say that there is so much incredible artwork out there dealing with Pratchett and Gaiman. I wish I could include all of it. For most other authors I end up with the cover art, but with these two guys I’m in heaven. I recommend that you google “Good Omens”, go … Continue reading Pratchett, Terry and Gaiman, Neil: Good Omens (1990)

Pratchett, Terry: Strata (1981)

Cover by Josh Kirby Kin Karad works for the Company. Her job is to oversee the creation of planets. Some of the workers like to play jokes on future inhabitants. The one she has discovered this time is a plesiosaur in the wrong stratum holding a placard reading “End Nuclear Testing Now”. While she is … Continue reading Pratchett, Terry: Strata (1981)

Pratchett, Terry: Industrial Revolution/Ankh-Morpork series

MOVING PICTURES (1990) While the earliest technological items we’ve seen on the Discworld were the iconograph, Moving Pictures takes the technology a step further and uses an imp- and salamander movie camera and projector. However, certain problems occur as a result of the experimentation with new technology, as always happens when people play around with new … Continue reading Pratchett, Terry: Industrial Revolution/Ankh-Morpork series

Pratchett, Terry: The Watch/Vimes

Streets of Ankh-Morpork (wow) Samuel Vimes is a beautiful character. He grew up in Cockbill Street, the poorest area of Ankh-Morpork. They were so poor that while they had practically nothing to eat, at least their floors were clean enough to eat off. Getting into the Night Watch was quite a change for Sam. Now he had money for food. Being … Continue reading Pratchett, Terry: The Watch/Vimes

Pratchett, Terry: Death

Death as illustrated by Paul Kidby The Grim Reaper in the form of a skeletal body in a black robe, with a scythe and speaking in CAPITAL LETTERS appears for the first time in The Colour of Magic. His job is to collect human souls. Death is the servant of Azrael, the “Death of Universes”. … Continue reading Pratchett, Terry: Death

Pratchett, Terry: Discworld cultures/Gods

As you can see from the above map, the Discworld consists of many countries and continents. Each country has its own culture and religion. From my reading there are three books in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series that are specifically about religion and culture. These three stories are about the countries of Djelibeybi (Pyramids) – try … Continue reading Pratchett, Terry: Discworld cultures/Gods

Pratchett, Terry: Witches of Discworld

Witches (usually women) are a force to be reckoned with on the Discworld. Nowhere near as flashy as the wizards (usually men), these women often rule their villages with an iron fist and a whole lot of headology. Pratchett describes headology as: a witch’s way of magically setting fire to a log of wood consists … Continue reading Pratchett, Terry: Witches of Discworld

Pratchett, Terry: Rincewind

Rincewind is one of the funnest and funniest characters of the Discworld. In spite of the Rincewind is a self-acknowledged coward whose running abilities fit with his cowardice. He was not the brightest student at the Unseen University. In fact the other wizards claimed that Rincewind is “the magical equivalent to the number zero”. He does … Continue reading Pratchett, Terry: Rincewind

Pratchett, Terry: The Discworld

Every once in a while I come across an author that catches my imagination and my love on a great many levels. Terry Pratchett is one such author. He imbues his stories with his love for his craft along with the great talent that he has shared with others ever since he was a young … Continue reading Pratchett, Terry: The Discworld