Price, Kalayna: Haven series

First thing to be said about the Haven series is that the books are very easy to read and they do not take long to finish. In this case, easy is meant as a compliment. Both Once Bitten and Twice Dead are addictive. I’ve read them a couple of times and enjoyed them just as … Continue reading Price, Kalayna: Haven series

Price, Kalayna: Alex Craft series

GRAVE WITCH (2010) – Maggie Award of Excellence 2011 – Paranormal Cover for Polish Grave Witch by LeafOfSteel The one constant in Alex Craft’s life is Death. Ever since she was 5, she has been able to interact with him. Her mess of a family is another certainty in Alex’ life. Her ability to raise shades … Continue reading Price, Kalayna: Alex Craft series


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