Weber, David: Oath of Swords (War God) (1995)

I have long been a fan of David Weber. By the time I discovered Oath of Swords I had already read most of his science fiction stuff. Weber has a varied writing background of which the War God series is his only venture into the world of fantasy – a good choice for him in … Continue reading Weber, David: Oath of Swords (War God) (1995)

Weber, David: Honor Harrington

Field of Dishonor by David Mattingly The Honor Harrington series by David Weber consists of 12 books: “On Basilisk Station” (1992) “The Honor of the Queen” (1993) “The Short Victorious War” (1994) “Field of Dishonor” (1994) “Flag in Exile” (1995) “Honor Among Enemies” (1996) “In Enemy Hands” (1997) “Echoes of Honor” (1998) “Ashes of Victory” … Continue reading Weber, David: Honor Harrington


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Johnson, Jean: A Soldier’s Duty (2011)

A Soldier’s Duty is my introduction to the writing of Jean Johnson, and a pleasurable acquaintance it has been. Gene Mollica is the cover artist. He captures the spirit of this novel really well. A Soldier’s Duty is the first installment of the series Theirs Not To Reason Why. From the cover you can probably … Continue reading Johnson, Jean: A Soldier’s Duty (2011)

Wodehouse, P.G.: Jeeves and Wooster (1915-1974)

I believe I have said a thing or two about British humour and here I go again – YEAH! I LOVE British humour. It beats every other country’s, including my own. From 1990-1993 I had the great pleasure of watching Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie play the delightful characters of Jeeves and Wooster. Jeeves and Wooster are … Continue reading Wodehouse, P.G.: Jeeves and Wooster (1915-1974)