Wright, Melissa: Pieces of Eight (Frey Saga)

Pieces of Eight is the second book of the Frey Saga trilogy. What we saw in Frey was someone whose world had been turned upside down. What she thought had been self-evident truths, weren’t. For some reason she was hunted as the witches of “the good ol’ days” were. When we begin Pieces of Eight Frey … Continue reading Wright, Melissa: Pieces of Eight (Frey Saga)

Wright, Melissa: Frey (Frey Saga) (2011)

In the same manner Catherine M. Wilson writes in minor key, Melissa Wright writes in major. Initially I read Frey because it was a freebie on Kindle. That is not why I continued reading the rest of the trilogy. Some authors just seem to have fun thinking up their stories and writing about them. Part … Continue reading Wright, Melissa: Frey (Frey Saga) (2011)


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Wilson, Catherine M.: The Warrior’s Path (When Women Were Warriors) (2008)

When I talk about authors who write musically, Catherine M. Wilson is one of those authors. After reading her The Warrior’s Path right after reading the Frey Saga I found myself understanding a profound musical difference between authors. The Warrior’s Path is written in a minor key (or moll in Norwegian) while the Frey Saga is … Continue reading Wilson, Catherine M.: The Warrior’s Path (When Women Were Warriors) (2008)