Rust, Angelika: Once a Rat (Istonnia III) (2014)

Angelika Rust displays one of my favorite traits in an author. She evolves and improves over time. Once a Rat shows just how far Rust has come in her writing. The only thing she continues to do that annoys me is to overuse the word “whom”. “It’s worse than I thought,” she groaned, rolling onto … Continue reading Rust, Angelika: Once a Rat (Istonnia III) (2014)

Rust, Angelika: A Rat for a Rat (Istonnia II) (2014)

Everyone self-harms in one way or another. Calling ourselves names or making ourselves less is one way we love to harm our self-confidence. Others self-harm through physical means. In the there and then, self-harming usually relieves some kind of pressure or stress. Long-term, though, we damage ourselves. Taken to extremes we might even lose body … Continue reading Rust, Angelika: A Rat for a Rat (Istonnia II) (2014)

Rust, Angelika: Ratpaths (Istonnia I) (2013)

Yes, I went looking for ratpaths and the history of the Sicilian Cosa Nostra. There really was no choice after reading what Ms. Rust had to say about her inspiration for the story. Poverty is something I think about a lot. Not because I am poor, but because I have escaped it. My dad could … Continue reading Rust, Angelika: Ratpaths (Istonnia I) (2013)


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