hawkgrrrl: My So-Called Post

March 31, 2015 I’m a word nerd, so I always find it interesting when a simple change to grammar alters the meaning of a word or sentence.  Time magazine recently pointed out one grammatical faux pas:  using “actually” can be a red flag. From this article (reprinted from Inc.): Extra words used in a sales presentation or … Continue reading hawkgrrrl: My So-Called Post

Writing tips

Dawson-Cook,  Susan: What’s right for your career in the digital age? Eckerson, Olivia: Genre comparisons English Language Smart Words: Transition Words and Phrases Enriquez, Jeshua: Idioms Explained In Lecture: “Shitting Where We Eat” FBI’s 2005 symposium on serial murder Gilmour, S.J.B.: Amazon KDP VS Smashwords And What I’m Doing Now Haskamp, Jenny: 15 words you should eliminate … Continue reading Writing tips


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