Lee, Patrick: The Breach (2010)

David Demaret (French cover)

The Breach is the first book in the trilogy about Travis Chase and Tangent.

Travis Chase is an ex-cop just out of prison. He is trying to decide whether to live close to or far from his brother. In trying to make up his mind, Travis takes a trip to the wilderness of Alaska where he feels that he will have the peace to think.

Ok, Ok! We all know that peace is not what will happen to Travis. We just know it. And of course we are correct. Travis wakes one morning and discovers a crashed airplane. When he gets down to the plane, Travis encounters dead people – all of them shot.

When he sees who the the last person he gets to is, Travis worries. This is the President of the USA’s wife, and she has been shot. On her he finds the message:

“I hope that someone from Tangent finds this. If you are anyone else, do not contact local authorities. Go to a phone as quickly as you can, dial …. Hostiles are torturing our two people for info within close range of this crash, they will not leave the area until they have broken them. (Not a guess, there is a reason they can’t leave before then.) …”

This is only part of the message, but you can probably see where the story is going. Travis is going to try to do what the note says and plenty of action will ensue. There is action galore in The Breach. Time/space questions arise and our ability to change our future will be explored in the plot of The Breach and the other two books of this trilogy.

I liked The Breach. It will never be one of my favorites, but it has appeal and I would recommend it. It has all of the ingredients a thriller needs and Lee keeps up the tempo throughout the book.

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