Golden Eagle kidnapping video = FAKE

One of the latest videos that has gone viral is this Eagle Snatches Kid video. This is a myth that appears regularly.

The four troublemakers

The creators of the video have admitted that it is fake, fake, fake!!! They did it for fun.

You can see the making of it at this link.

People feel suckered. But folks – a two/three-year old weighs more than an eagle weighs. An eagle might attack a child, but carrying it away would prove difficult. When an eagle struggles to lift a fish, I’m sure you can imagine how heavy a child would be.

The eagle in the video is not even a Golden Eagle (above photo). In fact the Imperial Eagle in the video does not even live in North-America, which would make it kind of difficult for the eagle to kidnap someone from Montreal.

If you want to see a wild Imperial Eagle you are going to need to travel a stretch of land from Eastern Europe up into Siberia.

The incredibly stupid thing about this video is the opponents of wild predators have gotten “proof” of something that does not exist.

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