Bellet, Annie: Winter’s Bite (2011)

Cover designed by Greg Jensen (with images from Jabney Hastings and Albion Europe ApS)

Annie Bellet describes Winter’s Bite:

Many years ago, Ysabon made her living by the sword as a skilled mercenary.  Now she lives in Westedge with her brother’s children, tending to the animals and afraid of dying old and useless.  Then a horrible winter storm drives monsters down from the mountains and Ysabon can save her family and her village only if she finds the strength to take up the sword for a final battle.

Winter’s Bite is a lovely story 25 pages long. I am often amazed at how much an author manages to pack into a short story. Annie Bellet is no exception. I love Ysabon. She is the kind of fierce that I would like to be. Female warriors have always been a favorite of mine especially when they have the courage and love that Ysabon shows.

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