Parkhurst, Bodie: Redeeming Stanley (2009)

Cover art by Sherry Wachter

Redeeming Stanley is a treat of a novel. It is lighthearted, raunchy and adventurous. Most of all Redeeming Stanley is well written and thought out.

Meet Weldon Frame, self-diagnosed shrewd  businessman, babe magnet, and mail room clerk extraordinaire. Meet  Annie, Weldon’s ex-girlfriend, mother of his unexpected child, and recently-identified gold-digging stone-cold bitch. Meet Stan and Babe, Prince of Demons  and Whore of Babylon. Meet Angela, born-again Christian with a jones for Stan. Meet Grandma, a ghost who liked the family dog a little too well. Meet the Freak…well, maybe not. Meet the Coppess, a gum-snapping state trooper who has Weldon’s sterling piece of American automotive engineering  towed, leaving him afoot and furious in the middle of the Southern California desert night.

Clearly, Payback is in order. The rest is inevitable.

You can tell Redeeming Stanley is meant to be humorous. But there is a serious side to it – kind of. There are plenty of guys out there like Weldon and plenty of gals like Annie. Sometimes accepting responsibility for our choices can be difficult. We can’t do anything about what has gone but our choices for the future can be different from the ones we have gotten into the habit of making. Redeeming Stanley illustrates how difficult that is, but it also shows us that it is doable.

I loved it. There were enough crazy moments in Redeeming Stanley to make me happy for having read it. I left it with a smile on my face.

First-place  winner,  Best of the Best E-books Award, 2009

2 thoughts on “Parkhurst, Bodie: Redeeming Stanley (2009)”

  1. I’m so very glad you liked it–and I love it that you caught the serioius vein in amongst all the outrageousness. I write this to be fun, but the core of the story is more than that.


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