Warburton, Carole Thayne: Poaching Daisies (2013)

Cover design by Amy Orton at Walnut Springs Press

Poaching Daisies is set in the small tourist town of Silver Gate about one mile outside of Yellowstone park.

Carole Warburton’s love of nature shines through her writing in this mystery about Penny, the ranger, who finds herself in a great deal of danger when she stumbles upon a dead bear (and because she will not leave well enough alone).

Penny’s aunt Iris is the epitomy of the fanatical environmental conservationist. Keeping the eco-system of Yellowstone intact is of prime importance to her and she makes herself quite unpopular with those whose beliefs are not as fervent as her own.

What we have here is a regular old who-dun-it mystery. Yellowstone park is presented in all its glory and makes this reader want to visit it.

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