Ficks, J.L. / Dugue, J.E.: Waiting Game (The Shade Chronicles) (2012)

Cover artist Thom Scott
Logo by James Gilks

First things first. You really ought to take a look at the website Chronicles of Covent. It is full of great art and loads of information about characters and storylines. The cover artist, Thom Scott, is responsible for the artwork done on the website. From what I can see on their website Ficks and Dugue aim to create a world that functions as the Forgotten Realm does – with an abundance of authors dealing with the eight continents of Covent.

The Shade Chronicles are about Shade the assassin, probably the best in his field. He is an Unseen (the best of the best) gone rogue and knows to stay away from the forest surrounding his school. Shade is also a dark elf and are exposed to prejudice just like the ones in the Forgotten Realms. 

The Waiting Game is the first book of this series. It has a proper ending and that makes it a series. I prefer stand-alone novels to the serial type. Serials can be annoying.

Shade is bored. He has been trained to utilise his killing abilities to the fullest and is beginning to run out of challenging kills. Anything will do as long as the hit is difficult. He gets what he wants and from there on there is action galore.

There were two scenes that I really liked. One was in the underground while fighting his challenger. The other was in the bar when Lewd’s hench(wo)men kept coming.

It was refreshing meeting someone who wasn’t out to save the world or make it a better place. Instead we find a dark elf who strikes fear into the hearts of all who realise just who they are dealing with. Only idiots mess with Shade but despite the fear he engenders, Shade is not a bully.

Shade was an interesting character, maybe even some one I would like to meet again. What did I think of the writing? Well, Ficks and Dugue kept me reading. They are above average but fall out of the flow at times. That just gives them room for improvement and I expect we shall see that as time passes.

5 thoughts on “Ficks, J.L. / Dugue, J.E.: Waiting Game (The Shade Chronicles) (2012)”

  1. Humanity’s Darker Side,
    Thanks for taking the time to walk on our dark side and read Waiting Game. I’m really glad you enjoyed the book, the website and thanks for all your colorful comments and useful feedback.

    Best regards,
    J. L. Ficks


      1. No problem! I realized you have a lot of other worthy books to review, but just to let you know if you’re ever interested in reviewing Shade 2: Kingsblood down the road, I’d be happy to provide you with a free complimentary copy. Take care!


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