Hicks, Michael R.: Final Battle (In Her Name – Redemption) (2009)

Final Battle
Cover art by Michael Hicks. Stock images from bought from Dreamstime.com and edited in Photoshop

I feel the need to warn readers of the Redemption trilogy. Toward the end of Final Battle there is a violent scene that could trigger those of you who have experienced abuse (sexual). It is relevant to the story. Now you are warned. In spite of my warning, my personal belief is that the story of Reza Gard and his way toward his destiny can be read by older young adults and, of course, ancients like myself.

Reza’s near-death-experience and meeting with the First Empress put him in a coma and there he remained for the next half-year. Final Battlefelt as much about Jodi Mackenzie as about Reza. She has some rough times ahead of her but does her very best to be a person who remains true to what she considers honorable.
Honor is not something one would equate with Thorella (Reza’s arch-enemy) or the new president, Borge. These two are men who are so caught up in their own vision of reality that they have lost all grip on the real world. Sadly, they are both highly intelligent and extremely wealthy and therefore able to adjust the world to fit their psychosis. That is, up to a certain point. Hicks writes insanity and greed well.

Now that I think about it, I have met people like Thorella and Borge although these people have been without Thorella and Borge’s means. It is not an experience I would recommend. I prefer people who live with gentler versions of reality.

It turns out Reza has a son, the first male child born to Kreelans in 100000 years who is able to function in society. The Kreelan history is a tragic one. Even if they brought it upon themselves through the choices of their ancestors, the tragedy is still a fact. Now there is finally hope. Yet something is amiss with the Kreelans. They seem to have lost all interest in fighting. One might even say that they are experiencing a mass-depression.

Reza is essential to the Kreelan race. All that he has gone through has honed him into a key that is capable of unlocking their next step in evolution.

I am going to end this review by saying: When I started reviewing Empire I discovered I had forgotten a couple of things. I opened up my e-book and that was it. Michael R. Hicks forced me to read the trilogy again. That is a pretty mean trick when it comes to me. After all it had not been long since I read it the first time. I imagine Hicks is going to pull the same stunt the next time I open up Empire. This trilogy is a definite keep.


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4 thoughts on “Hicks, Michael R.: Final Battle (In Her Name – Redemption) (2009)”

  1. Huh, hi.
    The kreelans were forcing everybody they met into war (and slaughtering everybody) cos they were looking for The One.

    Who was The One finally please? I’ve read the trilogy but lost interest after some guy thought of masturbating after killing a man, and he also later actually masturbated and also orally and anally raped a lesbian. Hicks was disgusting.


    1. These are pretty common deeds during a war. Women and children get raped, often serial-raped until they die. All countries are guilty of such actions. Leaders seldom stop them and often encourage them by not punishing whoever commits bodily harm on another.

      Much like warrior tribes that we have had here on earth, the Kreelans consider fighting one on one honourable. Rape and pillage wasn’t. The problem other species had with them is their advanced technology. Greedy people use propaganda to earn money on war and to get others to commit their terrible deeds.

      Page 194 should answer your question.


      1. Yeeeeeah, so, my Kobo copy of the ebook doesn’t have pages. Which chapter is this page 194 that you say should have the answer to my question of who The One is?


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