Amazon KDP VS Smashwords And What I’m Doing Now

For the authors out there. Pros and cons of Smashwords and Amazon KDP.

SJB Gilmour Writes

Right.  I’ve used both platforms, and they each have their pros and cons.

Things I like about Smashwords:

  • They distribute to B&N, iTunes and others.
  • I can make the price anything from $0.00 (Free!) to anything I like.
  • They pay into my PayPal account.

Things I don’t like about Smashwords:

  • The ‘meatgrinder‘ *  ebook compiler is truly awful, making formatting for Smashwords a nightmare.  For example, I can’t get my text to look the way I want it to, with both indents and after spacing.
  • The dashboard is lumpy — accurate, but difficult to navigate and well, just lumpy. *
  • They insist I submit the work in .doc format or similar – not pre-formatted in epub or mobi.

* You’ll see what I mean about it being lumpy by checking out the above links.  Wading through the Smashwords Style Guide is like trying to swim in molasses.

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