Heppe, Matt: Writing archery don’ts!!! (2013 May 31)

Matt Heppes 4th bow

For all of you authors out there who want to write your own archery scenes – PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT MATT’S ARTICLE.

He explains why some scenes described in books and movies just are not possible in real life. Here is a taste:

Have you read the following scenes in a book? Or maybe seen them in a movie?

A company of archers stands ready on the battlements of a castle as a horde of (vikings, orcs, Frenchmen) charges towards them. The captain of archers shouts, “Nock! Draw! Hold it! Hold it!” as the enemy approaches ever closer. Finally, at the critical moment the command is given… “Fire!”Or maybe an archer/sniper is hiding behind a tree, bow at full draw, waiting for a lone horseman to approach.Or an archer has a bow at full draw, holding an enchantress prisoner.To all three, I declare… BALONEY!

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