Lupo, Tarrin P.: The Necessity of Man (2011)

The Necessity of Man
Editor: Adam Lishawa
Cover art: Doc Samson

Gender seems to be the main theme of The Necessity of Man. The Necessity of Man is utterly believable. I cannot count the times men have used women’s nature as a reason for men to rule. Women are supposed to be nurturing and caring by nature. But guys, you could not be more wrong. We are just as self-serving as you are. Lupo shows how things could turn out in a gripping and frightening manner. My goodness, that man is courageous and can he ever write.

The whole idea of how the women at MedTronCorp handle lay-offs and their need for biological products is fascinating. Getting rid of useful men has been a gradual process and does not seem to bother men much. Perhaps that has to do with the spa. There is plenty of sex, zombie games and the availability of everything one might wish. Being offered to stay for an indeterminate length of time in such a pleasant place is a dream come true. But you know, if something seems to be too good to be true it usually is.

I loved The Necessity of Man.

The Necessity of Man has an “anti-copyright” from the author because:

We believe that copying is a form of flattery and do not abide by the copyright laws. Those laws serve to restrict the flow of ideas, which no one can really own. Please share freely and frequently. (Copyright page of The Necessity of Man)


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