I get this feeling a lot when I am at parties with people who might be some sort of family or friends but not really close. Other people probably do not mean to exclude me from their conversation. But their conversation slowly pushes me out until I find myself feeling like an intruder. Perhaps I am perceived as one as well. I imagine I can be a difficult person to converse with as socially accepted “small-talk” bores me. Why is it so difficult to talk about heavier stuff?

Musings of an Aspie

Before we get to today’s post, an announcement: As part of the avalanche of advocacy this week, there will be a flashblog on Monday, Nov 18th. You can find the info at “This is Autism” Flashblog. It’s open to autistic individuals, parents and allies and is accepting writing, video, graphic and comics submissions.

On to the post . . .


Sometimes [often?] I feel invisible.

I thought this feeling would go away when I grew up. Feeling invisible as a kid is normal, right? Everyone is bigger than you. Smarter, more experienced. And the ones who weren’t bigger or smarter or more experienced, were funnier or prettier or  . . . something.

I never quite understood what that something was, just that I didn’t have it. When teachers forgot my name, I shrugged and mumbled it for them. Then mumbled it again when they mistook my…

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