Idioms Explained In Lecture: “Shitting Where We Eat”

I have never had such a clear and understandable explanation of what “shitting where we eat”. For someone as literal-minded as myself, I have just thought that it sounds reasonable not to do that. Thank goodness there are people out there who like to do stuff like this.



Transcript, Common Sayings Explained in Lecture To A Group Who Lacks Intuitive Grasping of Allegorical Concepts Series: “Shitting Where We Eat”

I suppose as a precursor it will be useful to say that this particular idiom is applicable literally, unlike last week’s topic of throwing stones in glass houses which was derailed by the most literal-minded of you, particularly those in the engineering and physical sciences, due to issues of structural integrity and visualization. Of course, being a group who lacks intuitive grasping of allegorical concepts I do not think makes you socially blind to the fact that shitting where you eat is considered wrong. The real question is why is it wrong?

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