I Made Fun of Feminists… Before My Abuse

One of the many reasons I am a feminist – my many friends who have lived in abusive relationships.


By Anonymous

I used to make fun of feminists because I wanted boys to like me. Back before I met a boy who abused me. Before realizing that I lived in a culture that supported my abuse, and that kept me from questioning it.

TRIGGER WARNING May be triggering for some survivors of sexual violence 

At seventeen I met my ex-boyfriend. It was small things at first. He’d put me down and laugh it off.

The first time he raped me I didn’t cry. I was numb. I asked if he realized what he’d done and he had said, matter-of-factly, “All girls get raped at some point.”

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One thought on “I Made Fun of Feminists… Before My Abuse”

  1. Thanks for reblogging. Important to help people to understand more about how societal norms can keep girls from understanding and talking about sexual assault, and making it easier for sexual assault to keep happening.


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