Campbell, Rolf: Scotian Poet

Rolf Campbell: stolen from his facebook page
Rolf Campbell: stolen from his facebook page
My very good friend Rolf Campbell happens to live a ways away from Norway, just across the pond in Scotland. Or as he might say it:

In a place I have loved all my lifetime;
In Auchmithie I wish to remain
Until the wheel turns its full circle,
Until I’m reborn once again.

When I’m Gone: From the Heart

As some of you might know, poetry is not my forte because so many poets speak over the head of my autism. But Rolf Campbell speaks to my heart. Except maybe when he extolls his favorite rugby team 😉 in Always An Arab from his For Better or Worse collection.

He has made me laugh, brought forth my tears and caused me to sit quietly afterwards – my mind finally empty of thought. Some of his poetry is painful, such as Rebecca’s Song in From the Heart. Rebecca’s pain clung to my heart and was the poem that caused my thoughts to flee.

Mary’s Wish made me snort with laughter. Cross-communication or misunderstandings arise from the smallest comments and can bring about interesting experiences. She is not in any of his collections on his web-site.

On Rolf’s website you will find examples from each of his collections. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Mr. Campbell also has a facebook page.

One thought on “Campbell, Rolf: Scotian Poet”

  1. This weekend I got the horrible news on Facebook that Rolf has passed away … I have been searching for his lyrics all over the net yesterday, and so I found your heart warming blog post. It is so sad that the links to his poems do not work any more. Might there be any possibility to read them again? Today, your quote from one of his works sounds like a last message.


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