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I Cast Thee Out Facebook: A Story About Why I Decided to Nuke My Addiction to Social Media, and How It Fits In With The Story of Millennials

The power Facebook and other social media can hold in our lives.

Pandora’s Box: A Discussion on the Hobby Lobby Verdict

The Hobby Lobby decision by the Supreme Court in the USA has the potential of being a decision that will impact not only them but other countries as well. Dylan Greene’s essay on the subject is amazing.

Panic: A Story About My Days As A Hard Green Activist

Seeing through the fog.

Stigma: The Story of an Ongoing Problem

A Brush with Anti-Science: Why I Have A Problem With The Pervasive Distrust Towards Science

Agreed. There are so many theories out there, but until they are properly tested then we cannot know the value of them.

Asking the Hard Question: A Story About Me, Jeffrey Tambor, and Being the One Who Asks Something Uncomfortable

Dylan asks an excellent question, one I feel certain many of us have asked.