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Aldiss, Brian: Non-Stop (1958)

Here comes quite a treat. Brian Aldiss is one of the classics within science fiction. His type of science fiction likes to explore the human psyche through adventure. While written in 1958 this novel is as fresh as if it had been written today. We get a look at what a Freudian/Jungian world could look like all wrapped up in a great yarn.

Roy Complain, a hunter of the tribe of Greene, lives according to the “Teachings,” which valorize egotism and violence. Along with his tribe’s priest and four others, Complain set off on a to “Forwards,” the front of the ship (as the priest assures them it really is), to find the “control room.” On the way they have adventure – battles, discoveries and unexplained phenomena. Eventually they find the “Forwards” section. From then on revelation upon revelation leads us to the inevitable and bitter (and sadly believable) conclusion.