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Lackey, Mercedes & Edghill, Rosemary: Dead Reckoning (2012)

Artist: Regina Hoff
Artist: Regina Roff

I have been looking for an updated website for Rosemary Edghill. This link is old (2013). I haven’t found one anywhere else, but she is still alive. She and Mercedes Lackey wrote Dead Reckoning together.

The setting of Dead Reckoning is the Wild West a couple of years after the Civil War. Two of our characters are from either side of the issue while the third is indirectly an American Indian. Jett’s story set me looking for how likely it was that a woman would cross-dress around the time of the Civil War. Well, it happened and not that seldom either. There really wasn’t much choice for any of them. Not for Jett either. If she/he wanted to go off and try to find her brother she would have trouble doing so as a woman. It simply was not accepted. But all of her female habits had to be set aside and Jett had to learn how to walk, talk and adapt the mannerisms of the men of her time to be left alone. She also had to shoot really well, because sometimes seeming like a post-adolescent boy brought many of the same challenges women had. Gunslingers were the shooters who were quick draws and fast shooters.

Honoria had the advantage of an unconventional childhood with an eccentric father. Perhaps eccentric isn’t the correct word. Her father was a genius whose ideas kept interrupting his life and drawing him into new mind-zones. With a daughter just as bright, that may have been a good thing. Honoria was given the freedom to study what she wanted and that enabled her to do what other unusual women of her time also did, invent. I found myself rather liking her insistence upon science over all. Sometimes I wanted to tell her to get over herself, but she was consistent with her character all the way through.

In fact, that can be said of all three characters. Jett remained the male she wanted to be taken for. The last of the three compatriots, White Fox, was consistent with the civilian scout and Algonquin adoptee he was supposed to be. White Fox was on a mission for the 10th Cavalry to find out what had happened to his Captain’s mother at Glory Rest. What he discovered was that the town was completely deserted. There had, in fact, been several incidents of people disappearing or groups of people being slaughtered by unknown parties. The disappearing people fit with the allegations Honoria was investigating.

Their encounters with zombies and cultists are fun and full of action.



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Hall, Tyler Rudd: The Death of Jonas Wakefield (King and Wakefield) (2013)

The Death of Jonas Wakefield
Cover design by Chris Pratt

It never ceases to amaze me to find that I am the first person to review a story I like.

When I first saw that Jonas Wakefield was an Imp detective I fell for the abbreviation and thought he was either an Imp or he investigated Imp crimes. He does investigate Imp crimes, but Imp is an abbreviation for implants (the sort that allow you to live your life more or less in virtual reality). Jonas Wakefield is more of a maximalist when it comes to being fitted with the best he can afford in implant technology. His like of staying in virtual reality has made him enough of an expert that people come to him and his semi-partner Reagan King when they need something looked into “over there”.

Reagan King’s profession is funny considering the tendencies of her partner. She happens to be an Imp counselor, meaning that she counsels people who struggle with virtual reality addiction. Each partner depends on the other when their own expertise regarding virtual reality comes to short.

In the story The Death of Jonas Wakefield a husband suspects foul play when his wife disappears in virtual reality. He seeks out Reagan who then calls in Jonas to assist her in this matter. Foul play indeed. As the title suggests Jonas dies and is taken to an appropriate facility afterwards. I enjoyed this strange facility. Fascinating place for a corpse to go to. Not your usual kind of mortuary.

A fun mystery staying true to the genre while including futuristic elements.

The Death of Jonas Wakefield

  • Language: English