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Broadblogs two articles on objectification leading to suicide

Amanda Todd

A while ago I reblogged Broadblog’s article: Objectification’s role in suicide about a young girl who had felt that suicide was her only recourse after having been stalked by a cyber-terrorist (my classification) for quite some time. From a hopeful girl, Amanda became lost to hope. All because of a cruel man who did not understand what a real man should act like.

Felicia Garcia

Sadly, Amanda is not alone in ending her life due to being objectified by men, young or old. Today Broadblogs published an article called Rape, Shaming Girls to Impress Guys. Once again men have misunderstood what being real men is all about. And once again young women are being made to suffer due to some misguided manhood ritual, this time killing Felicia Garcia. I am filled with sadness. Sadness at the thought that young women keep on having to go through sexual degradation and objectification. It is as if the fight for equality never existed.

I recognize that most guys are quite decent. I happen to be married to one. I just wish all women could be so lucky.