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Crusoe, Andrew: The Secret Beneath the Ice (The Epic of Aravinda) (2012)

Cover design by Andrew Crusoe

The Secret Beneath the Ice is the story of the thoughtship Navika and its pilot Oonak and their journey through the Galaxy. In their attempt to avoid the Enemy they come upon the lovely blue world of Avani. They expect to touch down without problems due to the seeming lack of technological advance on the planet. They were wrong.

What we have here is a science fiction action tale/adventure. Oonak and Navika are interesting characters who are going to have to figure out what happened to them – a regular whodunit I guess. We have got 16 pages that I really want to find out the rest of the story to.

Andrew Crusoe writes well. 16 pages is not a lot to impart a story with but Crusoe manages just fine.