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Abulhawa, Susan: Mornings in Jenin (2010)

Mornings in Jenin” is a thought-provoking book about the Palestinian side of the Palestine/Israel conflict. It is the author’s debut. I read it in Norwegian, and the Norwegian translation was excellent. It got me thinking about how long conflicts can last, whether there is hope of reconciliation after such a long time and how on earth wounds can possibly heal on either side.

The story begins in the small village of Ein Had in 1941. All is well. The Olive groves have been harvested and the cycle of life continues as always. Seven years later, the Abulheja family are sent to live in a refugee camp in Jenin. Amal, is the main character of the novel. She has a bright and inquisitive mind, always seeking more knowledge. Through her story we discover what happens to her two brothers. Amal’s own journey through life is no less dramatic, taking Amal through childhood, marriage and parenthood.