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Kater, Paul: Hilda – Snow White Revisited (Hilda the Wicked Witch) (2010)

Hilda - Snow White Revisited

I am going to say it again. Grimhilda is the most adorable wicked witch I have ever come across. She is wicked, but she is wicked in a proprietary and warm manner.

Paul Kater’s writing conveys humour in spades. Some of it is innocently raunchy and some of it simply funny while the violence is quite innocent. My advice about age appropriateness is the usual one – check the story out yourself first and then decide.

Dandh (review below) said:

If you have any imagination, you can easily forgive the ‘unprofessional’ writing and enjoy the story. Many people expect too much from Kindle free books. This is a venue for amature writers to get their stories published. They don’t have editors and teams of people working behind them. The stories are pure and unedited, that’s what makes them great.

My favorite part of this story is the part where Hilda gets visited by door-to-door salespeople trying to sell her a broom. I wish I could do what she did to some of the salespeople that turn up on our doorstep.

Snow White is your classic airhead that somehow seems to survive unscathed all the horrors that are thrown her way. With Hilda as her own “semi-godmother” she has a bit of supernatural protection. But all is not horror in the life of Snow White. No, indeed it is not. I liked this version of the seven dwarves.

We also get to meet Baba Yaga. For some strange reason there are people out there who seem to think that Baba Yaga originated with Terry Pratchett. Just to clear the record, she does not. Baba Yaga and Grimhilda are great friends who love to prank the other witches.

Some on the witches that are pranked by Hilda and Baba Yaga are the three witches of MacBeth (the Weird Sisters). I guess you could say that Kater’s similarity with Pratchett lies in using some of the same sources as Pratchett does. Paul also employs humour to get whatever message he wants across to the reader.

Paul’s obvious love for his craft is what allows me to look beyond editorial problems. Sometimes a writer’s talent shines through whatever limitations are placed on him.




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My review of Hilda, the Wicked Witch

Kater, Paul: Hilda, The Wicked Witch

Hilda - The Wicked Witch
Cover art by Paul Kater

Hilda, the Wicked Witch is the first novel in Hilda, the Wicked Witch series. Grimhilda is supposed to be wicked and she is. But she is wicked in a fun way.

The story begins in three locations. One is with a motorcycle gang on its way into a bar. The other is in a bookshop and the third is in front of a mirror. With the slap of a hand all three parts come together and Hilda is let loose on our world.

Our world gets a pretty harsh meeting with Grimhilda the wicked witch – the witch from Snow White.

The moments of gentle humour are many. We have the bar, the coffee experience, the road and so on. They just keep on coming. Kater’s writing is good and he brings me into this short story about a woman that I ought to be more afraid of but that I cannot help but adore.

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