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Radvansky, Professor Gabriel: Walking through doorways causes forgetting: further explorations

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I love science. So many of our questions are explored, and this one is one that I have wondered about many times. How is it that I manage to forget something just because I walked through a door-way???? It is incredibly annoying to stand there wondering what on earth I am doing there.

Professor Gabriel Radvansky from the University of Notre Dame has performed research on the subject and published an article called “Walking through doorways causes forgetting: further explorations.”

This article was published in “The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology.”

The filing systems of humans are truly wonderful and complex. It is amazing for a lay-person to get sort of an answer to something that has been bothering her time and again. I have no idea how many times I have walked into another room and immediately forgotten what I was supposed to do there. Phew. Knowing won’t change all of the slips, but it does help to know that there is a kind of a reason for being such an air-head – and not just the fact that I am an air-head.