Tolkien, J.R.R.: Letters From Father Christmas (1999)

Letters From Father Christmas is a gem from J.R.R. Tolkien. I have Letters as an audiobook. Derek Jacobi reads Father Christmas’ voice, John Moffatt reads Polar Bear’s voice and Christian Rodska reads Ilbereth’s voice.

“In these letters, Father Christmas kept the Tolkien children updated with stories about the hijinks at the North Pole – the slapsticky North Polar Bear and all the things he broke, firework explosions, the discovery of ancient caves full of old cave drawings, and battles with the goblins. (When Father Christmas couldn’t write, his Elvish secretary filled in).

Tolkien’s old-school style of writing is a bit formal and very correct, but he tosses in comments of exasperation, amusement, and in the last letter, a sort of sad resignation that children will grow up. Maybe it is because they were given to real children, not intended for publication, that the letters are only a little cutesy, and never cloying.”

A delightful read and completely unlike anything else that I have read by Tolkien. His love for his children and grand-children shows throughout the writing.

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