Ellison, C.J.: The Hunt (2011)

Cover design by C.J. Ellisson

I love this cover. Something about the colors maybe.

The V.V. Inn series comes with a warning. “This is not a young adult series and is intended for readers over 18.”

I’ve wondered why there is always a warning when sexual content is explicit but hardly ever when the violence is?????? Makes no sense to me. That being said – there is sexual content, and it is explicit.

The Hunt is a mystery with lots of sex thrown in. Well written sex scenes. This 50-year old woman was turned on by it and that is saying a lot.

Another thing that C.J. manages to do quite well is to jump from one character to the other. Not perfectly, but better than quite a few other authors I’ve read. Each character contributes to solving the question of why Vivian’s old enemy is the representative of the vampire Tribune and what the hunt is really about. Everything is not as it seems.

The Hunt is Ellison’s second book. She certainly has a gift for writing, one that will give great pleasure to many readers.

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