Aaron, Rachel: Spirit’s End (Eli Monpress) (2013)

Cover art by Sam Weber

The final story about our reluctant hero, Eli Monpress, is here in the form of Spirit’s End.

I really cannot tell you why, but there is just something about this cover that doesn’t work for me. It fits with the story and everything, but I’m not really into it. Oh well, personal taste and all.

The story is another matter all together. Rachel Aaron has nailed the ending of the Eli Monpress saga in the novel Spirit’s End. Eli is everything we have gotten used to. Still playful, creative and fiercely desiring to be free of the Shepherdess, Eli takes us on a journey that lets us get to know the Lord of Storms better and the make-up of his world.

Miranda is thrown into the role of Rector for the Spirit Court and her work is challenging, to say the least. As usual she suspects Eli of having devious goals. Her suspicions are based on experience, so they could be correct. Banage is arrested by his ex. Eli is arrested by his mother. That Eli’s mom and Banage’s ex happen to be one and the same person is kind of funny and all part of a cunning plan on Sara’s part. Joseph is king and HATES it while Nico acts as his companion. Nico is an interesting character. Possessed by a demon seed, she is now more demon than human. All the same, her human side rules the relationship.

I’ve reviewed The Legend of Eli Monpress and The Spirit War. Spirit’s End fits nicely with the other two books and carries with it the same carefree, yet serious character of the other two novels. Rachel Aaron has done a good job in portraying the world of Eli Monpress.

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