Bernstein, David: Tears of No Return (2012)

uten navnI have read loads of novels in this genre written by my gender, but none by the “aliens” (I think). So I kind of had to see if there was a difference in perspective. There could have been, you know. They are supposed to be different from us “normals”. After having read it, I had to check if David Bernstein was a pseudonym for some lady wanting to hide her gender. But it was not. David Bernstein is really a guy writing a book that is very similar in style to many gals.

What does this tell me? Hell if I know. I just found it incredibly interesting that David Bernstein as a guy might possibly write the same way as a gal. Those who know me will not be surprised at all that I would get hung up in something like this or even read a book for this reason – as if I would need an excuse to read. Hah.

Karen Lakemire is having a terrible day. First she gets kidnapped by someone who seems like a homeless, who turns out to be a mafia-seeming guy, who then turns out to be infected by an alien, who then infects Karen and finally kills himself. Woohoo! Just my kind of day. Of course the US government is involved, through a secret corporation called the Murphy Unit – a unit consisting of some very bad people out to further the US military power by any means possible.

Karen later meets up with another unfortunate victim of the Murphy Unit, Morgan Hughes. He has been turned into a vampire-vampire. That just means that he has to have vampire blood to survive and that he can handle sunlight and garlic and religious symbols. Together they fight the evil overlords.

I found the vampire cliches, well, cliches. The garlic was a bit over-kill.

Other than that Tears of No Return was a fairly good action/thriller/scifi/urban fantasy novel.

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