Berry, Stephen Ames: The Biofab War (1984/2012)

I have the 2012 kindle edition. Stephen A Berry stated that It’s been rewritten to reflect present-day Earth and changes later in the series. The plot is unaltered and the heavy blaster fire unabated. I am always grateful when an author categorizes her/his own work (way to go Mr. Berry). The Biofab War is space opera.

A comment like that from an author is yet another reason to get me interested in reading their book. My curiosity is easily aroused.

The Biofab War is in some senses a believable future for humans – telling why would be a major spoiler. There are technological aspects that I could believe that we would allow ourselves to develop. Silly buggers is what we are. Biofab is a term Mr. Berry claims he originated through his Biofab Quartet. There is a whole biofab industry out there. The whole concept is fascinating.

The Biofab War is an excellent introduction to the Biofab Quartet. I like the whole idea of cousins and enemies and surprises and mistakes coming to kiss us on our behinds. There is plenty of action, lots and lots of it. Well-written fight scenes are fun. Mr. Berry writes well. Granted, he has cheated by re-writing the original, but who cares. Have fun.

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