Clement, J.A.: The Lady (On Dark Shores) (2011)

Cover artwork by Fena Lee

First of all, I want to congratulate J.A. Clement on her choice of cover artist. Fena Lee captures the spirit of The Lady perfectly in the mood of her cover creation.

I loved The Lady. There, that really should be all you needed to hear, shouldn’t it. After all, my taste in books is superb and anything I like others must too. Or not.

Let me list the reasons why:

J.A. Clement flows. The Lady is a minor-toned novel (musically speaking) – exactly like the cover.

J.A. Clement’s characters grow on you, even Mr. Copeland. He is a sociopath. I know of no other words to describe him. Well, I do, but sociopath is the most descriptive one. His bodyguard has a reputation of breaking bones and possibly even killing people for Mr. Copeland.

The Lady is the Mother of the Shantari. She has made an awful choice (as in for herself) and is feeling a lot of pain.

Our main character is Nereia, another person having to make choices that will demand a high price. But sometimes you don’t really have a choice in life. You just do your best and hope the tides of fate will turn.

I have one complaint about The Lady. It was toooooooooo short.

A warning. This is a serial. You all know that means that you are left with a cliff-hanger. Fortunately book no. 2 in the serial is out along with a short-story giving some background information on one of the characters.

4 thoughts on “Clement, J.A.: The Lady (On Dark Shores) (2011)”

  1. Thank you for the feedback! Fena’s cover is lovely, isn’t it? I wanted something empty and sparse but oddly beautiful, and she got it exactly right. You can find more of her stuff here; and do have a look- she’s incredibly talented!

    Glad you enjoyed the read- and as so many readers said it was too short, when we did the paperback, we put the first two books together; less abrupt ending, that way. The power of feedback! Thanks for taking the time to say what you thought; helps us to give you and other readers like you more nearly what they want.
    All the best;


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