Gray, Scott Fitzgerald: Stories (The Endlands) (2011)

Cover art by Ricardo Guimaraes
Cover Illustration for A Prayer for Dead Kings Alex Tooth

What would happen if you were offered the world and you didn’t want it? I think about that sometimes. Am I happy with the life I have?

I loved Hjorn. Here he finds an axe that promises him “the power thou seekest” and the poor fellow isn’t looking for any more power than he already has. His only response to the talking axe is “That’s unusual”. “Thou wilt rule the world” the axe says and Hjorn just shrugs.

Hjorn’s character is wonderful. This guy is about the most down-to-earth person I have ever met. The battle of wills that ensues is hilarious.

Scott Fitzgerald Gray has done an amazing job in building up his two main characters. They complement each other so well. Whoever heard of a needy axe? Well, now you have. What a great story this was!


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