Hanel, Jerry: Death Has a Name (Brodie Wade) (2011)

Death Has a Name
Cover artist Jerry Hanel.
Photos bought from stock photo shop. Put together with Photoshop.

As you can see below, there are quite a few reviews out there on Death Has a Name. I have included the ones that I feel make sense and add to my understanding of the story.

I’ve seen some readers consider the story YA while others lean toward an older age group. As usual I do not have a clue other than there being enough explicit gore for me to want to keep the book away from a very young audience.

Perhaps my Kindle copy of Death Has a Name has been revised. Several of the reviews below have commented on editing problems. It seems their advice has been followed.

The prologue starts off with a woman chasing after Death’s Apprentice trying to prevent the release of Death’s bindings. But the culprit gets away. All she is left with is a tabby cat purring at her feet.

Drumroll: This is when we meet Brodie Wade looking for his tabby cat, Sophie. Brodie Wade and his friend, and sometimes work-partner, Detective Phil Dawson look like Laurel and Hardy. Brodie tall and thin and Phil short and very round. Phil is the one Brodie phones when the stress becomes too much for him to bear. While Phil is with Brodie Sophie returns, dried blood on her left thigh. Brodie’s world is complete, blood or no blood.

In many ways Brodie’s encounters with the Truth are like trying to reason with an extremely unpredictable psychotic person. Brodie knows that whatever apparition Truth chooses that day has a message. But understanding that message is like trying to interpret what a person in a psychotic episode is conveying to you. You have to keep them calm at all costs or they could go for you. But Brodie has to do that without other people realising that he is talking to someone/something that seems not there. No wonder he is so scarred.

I like Detective Phil Dawson. He acts the way good friends ought to in my opinion. Even if they think you are completely nuts they still try to be there for you. Even if what you claim scares them half to death they still stick with you. And when your nicotine craving is so strong they make you hand over the cigarettes you have hiding in your waistband they are still there. While mainly a mystery I do think that Death Has a Name is about friendship.


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