Singer, Z.N.: For the Last Time (Someday Wars) (2011)

For the Last Time
Sword stock used in cover courtesy of FantasyStock of Deviantart.

If you want information on the Someday Wars and Z.N. Singer’s vampires you should visit his website.

For the Last Time is about the love of a father and what a parent is willing to do to save his son from himself. I read this story many books ago. I think I borrowed it at the library. Back then it made an impression on me. Let me tell you, For the Last Time broke my heart all over again.

Mardon sets off for a village where a new vampire Lord is setting up headquarters. That means going against a stream of refugees and meeting a whole lot of zombies on his way. As a Master of The Discipline he has the right tools at his disposal to shorten the death of these slowly dying people who are in thrall to their master.

In the Author’s words Singer apologizes if the reader has found this story a little confusing. I didn’t but you are now warned.


You will now have to get For the Last Time as part of a collection of short stories called For the Last Time and Other Tales at:


Published: Dec. 25, 2011 
Words: 39,010 (approximate)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781465743695

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