Lee, Yeongdo: Over the Horizon (오버 더 호라이즌) (2004)

Over the Horizon

Yeongdo Lee (李英道 / 이영도) is a new discovery for me. Considering how poor my Korean reading abilities are, that is no wonder. Again, it was the cover that drew me in.

Over the Horizon is the first novella in a three-story collection. It was released on Kindle for free and boy am I glad I downloaded it. While Amazon shows this short story to be 92 pages long, those pages include a whole lot of intro information at the end about Yeongdo Lee and his other work.

I love the cover. It is a perfect introduction to our story and true to both the spirit and the letter of the novella.

Tyr Strike, our main character, happens to be a human with an orc for a boss. He is the assistant sheriff who does not want to go out into the snow to visit Professor Mataphi at Thuja Hall. Professor Mataphi is acting decidedly out of character and the sheriff wants to know what is troubling him.

What Tyr Strike ends up having to deal with is the rescue of the soul of a violin from the thief Horizon.

In a sense it is almost as if Over the Horizon is a ghost story in the way it is presented. But it isn’t. Not really. But it is eerie and thought-provoking. Most of the thought-provocation comes from me being a Viking caught in the grip of the faery world presented in a Korean manner (translated into English).

Highly recommended by me.

2 thoughts on “Lee, Yeongdo: Over the Horizon (오버 더 호라이즌) (2004)”

  1. Geez, can’t believe you know Korean well enough to read this! I guess I’ll be skipping this one.

    btw, Love the new blog look. Much easier to navigate, too.


    1. Considering it was in English my non-existent Korean was sufficiently up to the task.

      Thanks for the blog-comment. Finding one I am happy with over time has been a lot more difficult that I would have thought possible.


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