Autism – Is it really our duty to educate you?

Seventh Voice

Artwork by San Base

Many within the Autism community seem to feel that we have a duty to help educate ‘professionals’ by exposing our own personal experiences of Autism to them with in Autism specific forums.

Personally I’m not at all sure that I agree with this premise, as it all too often holds the potential to place  those of us with Autism,  in the unenviable  positions of feeling over exposed.

Which for many, can also amount to making us feel vulnerable.

The belief that it’s up to any one particular minority group to educate the wider community in order to create the understanding that they have the right to be treated as equals, is an issue that many other minority groups have faced.

And just like those within the Autism Community, many other minority groups have also had to cut their teeth on the harsh reality that not everyone who’s interested in you…

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2 thoughts on “Autism – Is it really our duty to educate you?”

    1. I guess the problem is the same in all minority groups. Getting people to actually listen without imposing their own opinions onto what is being said is difficult. It is difficult for me to listen that way. But when researchers and other professionals dealing with autism forget to listen it somehow seems worse. Especially when they are only after furthering their own aims rather than their understanding.


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