Scott, Alan: The “Y” Front Chronicles (2013)

Cover artist: Saskia Schnell
Cover artist: Saskia Schnell

Alan Scott has written a wonderfully funny and dark story about murder and mayhem.

I suppose it could be read as a warning about the consequences of training our soldiers too well. The thought did not enter my mind until the classroom situation. But, yeah, that could work.

A man with his own brand of conscience and his pet hamster, TF. A killer with a pet hamster. Not much like the hamster I used to own and adore. SCoT-01 is a fun and terrifying person I would hope to always keep on my side. His hamster, too.

Definitely recommended.

One thought on “Scott, Alan: The “Y” Front Chronicles (2013)”

  1. Hi,

    Just a quick post to say thank you for the review and I’m glad you liked the book.

    You might like to know that, I’m currently writing the second book in my Mancer trilogy and once that is finished, my next project will be book 3 of the Y Front Chronicles. The book will follow straight on from the short story “The Y Front Standoff”.

    Once again thank you for taking the time to leave a review, it is great appreciated.

    Kind regards

    Alan Scott
    Author of the Storm Series and the Y Front Chronicles

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