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Art based on “The Luggage” @Terry Pratchett

My blogs terrypratchettandme and zanegreyandme are what often happens when an Aspie has an interest. We immerse ourselves and want to share. This collage is an example of that immersion. The Luggage is a great writing tool whose antics I have enjoyed immensely.

Terry Pratchett and me

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Beck, Simon: Snow Art (2014)

Snow Art - Simon BeckFor some time now, I have followed the snow artist, Simon Beck, on Facebook.

Simon Beck considers himself part of a tradition of land-art that has gone on for thousands of years. By stepping his designs into snow or raking them into sand he keeps an art tradition alive. Short-lived as each artwork is, Beck tries to photograph them as soon as he finishes his projects. As he tells himself, his shortest lived snow art was gone the next morning.

In his Ted Talk below, Mr. Beck explains how he works. By listening to him we get an understanding of how crop circles are made, and he shows us pictures of one of his own crop “circles”.

Why a person would choose to work with an ephemeral art form is something I have difficulty understanding. Yet many artists do. Mr. Beck’s pictures of his work makes them more permanent. In Snow Art we get to see a collection of ten years worth of wonderful art made from walking through the snow.

Definitely recommended


Snow Art can be found on Simon’s website