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Wolfe, Anna: Ensnared by Magic (The One Rises) (2013)

Ensnared by Magic - Anna Wolfe
I love this cover art by Jonathan Burkhardt

Anna Wolfe is a bleeding good writer. She, once again, engaged me immediately in Ensnared by Magic. Perhaps ensnared would be a better word to use for what she did to me. The title is appropriate in describing the effect an excellent author can have on their readers. Excellent authors certainly ensnare me in what seems to be a magical manner.

At the beginning of the novel Wolfe lets us know that there will be “sexually explicit scenes and adult language that is not appropriate for children.” This is the case. While the sex is explicit it is kind, generous, sad and fun. Anna Wolfe’s excellent writing shows in these parts as well.

Mark Little lets us see a side of himself that had not been apparent in the previous novels. In Ensnared by Magic we get to see Mark’s generous personality and more of his fun-loving side. His demon-bitten side likes to provoke anger and has Mark feeding on pain (his own and others). Thus far, we have gotten to see quite a bit Mark’s demon-bitten side. Now other traits get to come out and play. Too bad the witches have plans for using him in defiance of the Seer. The High Priestess seems to be hungry for what she cannot have – Seer’s power.

Silas is demonborn. That means that he is that product of a demonridden and a witch. “Boss-man” is old and more powerful than the demon-bitten. His strength makes it possible for him to control those demon-bitten who hail to him. Sadly, Silas is the only one left of the demonborn (I think). He is lonely without others of his kind. The Seer seems to have some kind of power over him. Exactly how free he is to live his life is difficult to say at this point. I’m glad I’m not in his position.

Edie, Callie and Hatter are all demon-bitten like Mark is. Callie is a mystery to those around her. Well, maybe not to the Seer. Exactly how strong she is or what her powers will turn out to be is not clear. Her resistance to Silas’ power is stronger than the other demon-bitten he has encountered thus far, and Silas fears that he might have to kill her in the end. Callie would prefer that to causing the kind of damage she is potentially capable of. I’m not sure her ability to resist Silas’ power is solely due to her own powers. Instead I’m kind of wondering if it has something to do with her resilience and another “mysterious” factor. We shall see (I hope).

Why I prefer Silas and Callie to the others is a good question. Perhaps it has to do with the mysteries that surround them. Or it could have something to do with the way they both refuse to let the other have control of them. Both of these factors make them interesting, but there has to be more to it than that. I know that with Callie some of her attraction has to do with all of the questions she raises in my head. People who make me ask questions fascinate me.

I know I like the fact that Wolfe’s writing does not point out an obvious “bad/good person”. Adult literature is supposed to be like that to my thinking. I thoroughly enjoy the obviousness in young adult and children’s literature. There is, however, no getting away from the fact that all the grey zones of adult literature are a lot more fun.

So, perhaps you might have noticed that I enjoyed Wolfe’s writing and recommend it to one and all.


Wolfe, Anna: Addicted (The One Rises) (2013)

Cover artist Jonathan Burkhardt

As I mentioned in Bitten, I had to buy Addicted right away after finishing Bitten.

I’m just going to say right away that Addicted was as well written as Bitten. When I see the quality of writing that Anna Wolfe produces, I fall in love. Whether a novel is for children or adults matters not. Well written is fun to read.

Wolfe writes this about Addicted: “Every now and again, human beings manage to pull these demons through to our side. The human dies, of course, and the demon gets a person shaped suit to live in. We call these creatures the demonridden.” If humans could call in demons – even if they risked dying – we would do it. We just couldn’t help ourselves. There is something inherently self-destructive and curious inside the human psyche.

Callie still lives with Silas trying to learn how to survive with drooling demons wanting her while all the time having to keep control of her “infection”. Their four-person-group is pretty much like a family. Edie is scared of Callie but still acts like a mom or maybe big sister. Mark doesn’t know if he feels Callie is his sister or if he just lusts after her. Silas is Silas – strong, silent dangerous guy with a secret dark past.

In Addicted two parties want to take Callie from Silas. One group has an indirect approach while the other is very direct. They figure they can beat Silas. But Silas is old and wily. The people (witches) he turns to for help aren’t exactly cuddly themselves and they extract a price that he hesitates to pay.

There is an interaction between Callie and Mark that is priceless. More teenagy than this is impossible to be and Silas’ reaction to the scene is perfect.

Like I said in my review of Bitten – it really is cruel of Anna Wolfe to keep us waiting for the next installment.


Wolfe, Anna: Bitten (The One Rises) (2013)

Cover by Jonathan Burkhardt

Anna Wolfe understands the flow. I love it when authors drag me in and I am unable to let go. I finished Bitten and immediately bought Addicted. Upon finishing that I felt annoyed that Wolfe had no more to sell me. Authors should consider doing something about that. Needing to be patient is a bummer.

Callie is a fascinating character. In the prologue we get our first taste of her right after she has gotten her first and last taste of Owen. It is obvious that the girl is struggling with her demon-infection because killing Owen felt soooo much better than Callie wants it to.

Quite literally we are off to a killer start. While the first scene was violent, the rest is not about violence, far from it.

Imagine the relief and terror it must have inspired in Callie to discover that she was not the only demon-bitten person running around in the world. Here you are living life with parents and a brother you love and then – kaboom – you get bitten by a demonridden best friend, watch your brother have his head torn off by that same friend and end up killing that friend yourself. All in a day’s work. In Callie’s case it got her thrown into a psychiatric institution from which she ended up running away from.

Then some other crazies find her and claim they too are infected and somehow those crazies become her family – a slightly dysfunctional family, but Callie is used to dysfunction.

Silas is the one who is in charge. He has the most experience with the demon/witch world. Edie and Mark are his students. All of them have great respect for Callie’s powers but are prepared to kill her if she becomes a danger (their definition of danger). Callie is greatly relieved knowing that. Edie seems afraid of her and Mark cannot decide whether he lusts after Callie.

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